JLW Quick Cinch (Patent Pending)

JLW Quick Cinch is an extraordinarily fast and easy way of changing strings on mandolins, guitars, banjos, and other stringed instruments with 1/4 inch vertical string posts. No more threading wire through holes, wrapping strings around the post, or stripping tangled messes of old strings from your string posts! JLW Quick Cinch is easy to install, and once installed, never has to be removed.

JLW Quick Cinch consists of a brass male part that fits over the string post, a female knurled nut that fits on top, and a key to loosen and tighten the nut. To install, simply place the brass male part onto the string post, tighten the setscrew, and screw the female knurled nut onto the male part, leaving enough space for a string to snugly fit into the flat space between the parts. Use the key to tighten and loosen the female nut as needed.

To put on a new string, secure the tail end of the string as you normally would, then pull the string up to the string post. Drape the string snugly between the female nut and the male part, pulling it toward the outside. Use the key to tighten the female nut enough to secure the string. That's it! It will only take a small amount of tuning to bring your string up to pitch.

Store the key in your instrument case or key ring for the fastest string replacement ever!

Set of 6: $50.00
Set of 8: $65.00

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