John's mandolins are designed and manufactured by his own hand, including the inlays, bridge, tailpiece and hardware - everything except the tuners and the strings!

The unique blend of woods, the hand-rubbed finish, the bloodwood bridge and the custom tailpiece all contribute to the rich and powerful sound that flows from John's mandolins.

The fronts are carved Adirondack Spruce, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce or Red Spruce. The backs, sides and necks are tiger maple, quilted maple or bigleaf maple.

The binding around the body and the headstock is double celluloid ivory. Bridges are made of bloodwood and have brass adjusting screws. The pickguards are ebony inlaid with abalone and pearl.

The tailpieces are John's own unique design and have been hand-tooled by him. They have a hinged cover for stringing ease. All are made of brass or stainless steel. John's tailpieces are also for sale.

The headstocks are figured maple with an ebony veneer inlaid with the JLW logo of pearl and abalone. The tuners are Elite, gold or silver plated with pearl or black knobs.

The detachable armrest is handcrafted from Gabon or Indian ebony. It is available with or without inlay.

Each mandolin also comes with two adjustment sticks. One is a wedge to help adjust the height of the bridge. It pushes on the bridge so you can turn the nuts easily. The other stick is for bridge positioning.

John's hand-tooled tailpieces are also for sale separately.

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For more information, or to order a custom-made mandolin, contact John.

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